Home Services

Window and Door Repair/Replacement

Windows and doors are not only the first thing many notice when entering a home, but also the place in the home that has capacity to drastically effect heating and cooling bills. We offer repair and replacement of these fixtures to keep your home's temperature systems at peak efficiency.

Trim and Flooring Installation & Repair

Let's face it - floors and trim are some of the most used facets in any home. Often going unnoticed, these areas receive constant foot traffic and abuse, and can break down over time. At Albrecht, we are able to repair and replace or install many different types of flooring and trim to make the most used surface in your home look and feel great.

Hanging TVs & Pictures

One of the best ways to increase floor space in your home is to utilize wall space by hanging TVs, pictures, shelves, and so much more. We are happy to install these items, as well as other wall-mounted items!

Drywall Painting & Repair

Next to flooring, drywall is likely to bear the brunt of a lived in home. Rearranging decor, painting, and adding fixtures all result in drywall damage. We are able to repair these dings and holes in your home's walls as well as repaint to make each wall as good as new.

Pressure Washing

Protecting and beautifying your home is the job of exterior walls and surfaces, and every once and a while when the wear and tear begins showing, these surfaces need some TLC. We offer pressure washing to make these surfaces look good as new!

Tile Work

Tiling is a beautiful and lasting way to improve your home's surfaces. We offer tile installation and repair to keep these surfaces looking great and holding up well.


Water leaking? Pests getting in? We offer caulking checkup and replacement services - we'll find problem areas and remove old caulking to replace it with new, top grade caulk.